If you are a developer and want to interact with the solutions of WinBooks, you are at the right place.

Here you will learn how to exchange data with WinBooks and how to develop plug-ins.

WinBooks Accounting Classic

WinBooks Accounting Classic is the desktop version of the accounting of WinBooks running under Windows (desktop or server).

Remote apps can produce TXT files or DBF files that can be integrated in the accounting through the WbLinkInterface.exe application. Your reseller can provide you this application for free. The format of the files to provide can be seen here

Local apps can do the same or can integrate the DLL WinBooksOfficeAPI.dll to automate the exchange of data (including send to the WinBooks database clients, suppliers, general accounts, cost accounts, booking with all the validation needed). The latest DLL is available inside the WinBooks update zip file (Update). You can download the documentation about the usage of the DLL here.

WinBooks Logistics Classic

WinBooks accounting classic is the desktop version of the commercial management package of WinBooks running under Windows (desktop or server).

Remote apps can produce DBF or XLS files that can be imported inside Logistics through the menu Folder / Import ...

All the information concerning the importation of data inside Logistics can be found here in french or here in flemish.

WinBooks on Web

WinBooks on Web is the cloud solution of WinBooks integrating accounting, logistics and Virtual invoice.

You can extend the functionalities of WinBooks on Web by

  • developing an external application which can access in read/write the data of WinBooks on Web through the Rest API
  • developing plug-ins in .NET that can be uploaded inside the folder that you want to customize

You can also import Customers, Suppliers and transactions (Sales, Purchases, Financial, Misc.operations) from CSV files easily. The format of the CSV files is decribed here.

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