WinBooks on Web allows to import flat files from other invoicing packages. These files contain the invoices and the data of customers and suppliers. This document describes the layout of the different files accepted by WinBooks on Web.

Format of the files

  • .CSV : ASCII Comma Separated Values

Examples of files

These are available :

Type of the fields

In the following tables giving the description of the files, the meaning of the columns are explained here after:


C = Character,
N = Numeric (right alignment)
L = Logical (T for True, F for False)
M = Memo (string of variable length)
D = Date (YYYY/MM/DD) 

Length: Total length (maximum length).
For numeric fields with decimals, this length includes the decimal point and decimals.

Decimals: Number of decimals for numeric fields. 
For numeric fields with decimals, the decimal point must be used as separator.



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